SURPRISE– adding two little feet to our team March 2018!

Obviously, today’s announcement takes the cake for favorite blog post ever!

We're nearly 19 weeks along, and so in love with Baby H! I know we’re biased, but guys, he/she is so freakin’ cute, I can't wait to share some of our ultrasounds!!! And yes, we’ll be finding out gender soon, way too excited not to!

For those of you who don’t know, Paul and I have been married for over 8 years and always wanted to be young parents. However, as life would have it, there would always be a reason to wait. Be it school, work, travel, Napa… we could always find an excuse to hold off a couple more months, or start trying “next year”. It didn’t matter how many times we’d heard it, soon enough we’d learn that there’s never a perfect time to start a family. At this point, I think it’s safe to say, we both started hoping for an “accident” just so the timing would be out of our hands. 

I won’t get into our whole story, but close friends know that we’ve been having this discussion for years, and when we got the news of Baby H, we’d been trying for a while. In fact, when I found out I was pregnant, I was just a couple weeks out from meeting with a fertility specialist I’d been waitlisted on for months. I’ll dive a little bit deeper into this later for those of you who are interested or currently experiencing similar fears/concerns, but let’s just say, we were both surprised when we got the news– I’m pretty sure I took 8 pregnancy tests that weekend alone & still wasn't sure I believed them!

I’m keeping today’s post short & sweet, I know it’s probably over-due, but honestly it’s been kind of fun keeping this our little secret! After all, I have so many thoughts, opinions, & emotions going intro this that it’s probably best I break it up for you. For those of you who are wondering, Baby H has been so good to me, I honestly can't complain– I feel great!

Moving forward the content on Glitterary will remain true to it’s roots, with an added dose of bump-life on the side. My desire is that the content on this site would empower you as women to feel confident, healthy, and ultimately unstoppable, and I hope to continue to do that as we navigate the ins and outs of what will hopefully be a healthy & happy pregnancy!


As always, thank you for your constant love, support, and encouragement, we're absolutely thrilled about the community of family & friends that this little one will get to be a part of– so freakin' lucky!!


Dream. Travel. Explore. Live. 

-Live Riveted-


Earlier this week I teased at a deeper look into our time in California. As I said, I think deep down we always knew, we'd end up back in Chicago, so our time in CA was always viewed as a time of adventure.

Paul & I still argue over who came up with this idea or exactly how the conversation came about, but as usual, we were hand-in-hand, eye-to-eye, partners in crime, & before we knew it, we were trading in my car for an F150 & purchasing an Airstream.

Yes, you read that right, it's as crazy as it sounds & probably somewhat irresponsible. In fact, as we slowly started to let friends in on our secret, half of them were jealous, and the other half thought we were completely insane.

The part I haven't told you, is that this grand scheme at the next year+ of our lives wouldn't just be a toy– we were craving adventure and wanted to see as much as we could of our new home state– we were all in & this 280sq ft trailer would be our new CA home! 

Told you today's post would be a big deal ;)

I know I probably should have told you much sooner, but the truth is, I've been both excited and nervous to share this with you. Our lives changed drastically when we made this decision. In many ways it was one of the best decision we've made, and in other ways there was a lot of learning to do. We went from 2,300sq ft to just under 300sq ft. As easy-going and free-spirited as we might be, that kind of change doesn't come without some growing pains.

I won't overwhelm you with all of the details now, but know there are many more posts to come, and feel free to ask any questions along the way! We never planned on tiny living & we never even thought of it in those terms, we wanted adventure & living simply was just part of the trade-off. 

Finally, don't forget to follow on Instagram! We're headed to California in just a couple weeks & while we haven't decided where exactly we'll go, we can't wait to be back to our little house on wheels & I'll be sure to share some stories along the way. 

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When we relaunched this site, I promised it wouldn't be all sunshine and roses, & that we would begin to engage in conversations that matter. Therefore, today we're talking about something that hits close to home for many. Cancer is a word that carries heavy connotations, evokes strong emotions, and often makes us uncomfortable, but it's real, for many it highly personal, & we can't afford to ignore it. 

As many of you know, a few months ago we were forced to say goodbye to Paul's mom after a nearly two year battle with Glioblastoma. For us, this was the first time cancer had thrown a punch this close to home, & as with many trials of this kind, none of us were prepared for the journey to come.  

The American Brain Tumor Association describes Glioblastoma as a particularly aggressive tumor that forms in the tissue of the brain and spinal cord. Glioblastoma is the most common of all malignant brain tumors, and is typically treated through surgery, chemotherapy, & radiation. While records show some survivors of 5+ years, the average survival time is 14 months with treatment. If you've been following recent headlines, this is the same type of brain cancer Senator John McCain was recently diagnosed with, & the ABTA estimates over 12,000 cases before the end of 2017.  

Unlike, other cancers that can spread to the brain, Glioblastoma originates in the brain or spinal cord where highly malignant cells can reproduce quickly. In our experience, the diagnosis was never really if the tumors would return, but rather a matter of when. Unfortunately, as with many forms of brain cancer, the cause is unknown. 

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Becky's original prognosis was 12-18months with treatment, 5-6 without. Over the next year and a half Becky would give an incredible demonstration of strength, faith, & courage as she's fought arduously against what developed into multiple reoccurring tumors, various brain surgeries, alternating cycles of chemo & radiation, and even clinical studies. While this ruthless disease eventually cut Becky's time short, through every MRI & follow-up treatment plan, she remained joyful, positive, and very much herself. We were lucky in that way, but the last few months changed drastically. 

I'm sharing this with you today, because September 8th marks exactly 30 days to the Chicago Marathon, and in an effort to honor Becky's memory, we've drafted a team of 10 family & friends to partner with the American Brain Tumor Association & run in Becky's name! Becky fought to the very end– I can't stress that enough! So, in that same spirit, we want to continue her legacy of courage, strength, & endurance, as team Becky's Brainiacs– a name she chose just a couple months before passing.

We would love your support as we not only train for this endeavor, but band together with family & friends to raise funds towards a cure. This is a team effort, and our goal is ambitious, but money raised will provide critical funding for brain tumor research & supportive patient care. Our goal is to reach breakthroughs in brain tumor research & provide vital support services for patients, families and caregivers in need.

If there's one thing Becky taught us, it's that you enter the battle field with everything you've got, and I can guarantee this race will be run with more heart & will-power than ever before!


For more information & to make your donation visit


If you or someone you love is currently going through a similar battle, and you have questions/concerns please don't hesitate to reach out. It's not pretty, and we certainly don't have all the answers, but we did learn a lot in this process, and if there's any way we can support you in this time or even point you in the right direction, there's nothing we'd like more!

Becky was an incredible woman, wife, and mother. She was always full of life, love, and corny jokes. While I wasn't her daughter, I never felt like anything less. I'm not sure many women can say that about their monther-in-law, but I'm not sure I've ever met someone who loved as freely as Becky did, and with open arms she welcomed me in from the beginning. I was lucky to have Becky in my life for over a decade, but in reality she'd been looking out for me much longer raising an incredible son I'm lucky to call my husband, & for that I am eternally in her debt.

*All donations over $25 are tax deductible. Additionally, matching gifts are a great way to double or even triple a your gift, so don’t forget to ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. You can also click here to search for your company. Note that all donations must be made directly to the "American Brain Tumor Association" in order for the organization to qualify your company’s matching gift.

Say Yes to New Adventures!


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I'm so excited to finally share this news with you!

The last couple months have been a whirlwind, including lots of time on the road and plenty of planning. While we've only been in TX for 10 months, we can see where that Texas pride is rooted - this state has so much to offer, and we've tried to experience every bit of it's culture.

That being said...

We're young, a little bit restless, and earnestly open to opportunity. With that in mind, in just under three weeks, the hubs and I will be moving to San Francisco!!

Sure, moving cross country 2x in a year is a little bit wild (I can admit the crazy), but honestly at this stage in life, why not?

We couldn't be more excited about this next chapter, and it's not just because of our proximity to Napa - though that's definitely happening soon! If I'm 100% honest with you, I think we threw away some of the 10 year plan a year ago, and have been going with the flow ever since.

Trust me, as a planner by nature, accepting this kind of approach wasn't easy, but it's been liberating to admit that my plan isn't always best, and I think life has a way of showing off when you approach it with that kind of humility.

Crazy? Yes.

Worth it?... More than I could have imagined!

Stay tuned for more as we head West– I can't promise perfection, but I can guarantee an adventure. Cheers!

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