Say Yes to New Adventures!


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I'm so excited to finally share this news with you!

The last couple months have been a whirlwind, including lots of time on the road and plenty of planning. While we've only been in TX for 10 months, we can see where that Texas pride is rooted - this state has so much to offer, and we've tried to experience every bit of it's culture.

That being said...

We're young, a little bit restless, and earnestly open to opportunity. With that in mind, in just under three weeks, the hubs and I will be moving to San Francisco!!

Sure, moving cross country 2x in a year is a little bit wild (I can admit the crazy), but honestly at this stage in life, why not?

We couldn't be more excited about this next chapter, and it's not just because of our proximity to Napa - though that's definitely happening soon! If I'm 100% honest with you, I think we threw away some of the 10 year plan a year ago, and have been going with the flow ever since.

Trust me, as a planner by nature, accepting this kind of approach wasn't easy, but it's been liberating to admit that my plan isn't always best, and I think life has a way of showing off when you approach it with that kind of humility.

Crazy? Yes.

Worth it?... More than I could have imagined!

Stay tuned for more as we head West– I can't promise perfection, but I can guarantee an adventure. Cheers!

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