My Favorite Green Smoothie

Guys, this is my all-time favorite green smoothie & a major crowd pleaser! 

Packed with nutrients, including 3 cups of spinach, live & active probiotics, and a boost of Omega-3s, this tropical  blend will leave you feeling satiated, refreshed, and guilt-free.

Also, if you haven't invested in a Vitamix, I highly recommend it! When we moved this was one of the items I most looked forward to unpacking– I use it every day!

*Typically, I enjoy this smoothie as a snack between meals or paired with an added protein for breakfast/lunch. For added protein, or for a more complete meal replacement, add a scoop of your favorite protein powder. 


  • 3c Spinach
  • 1/4c Pineapple
  • 1/2 Banana
  • 1/2 to 1c Lifeway- Organic Lowfat Keifer, Plain (packed with probiotics & protein!)
  • 1/4c Almond Milk
  • 1 tbsp Chia Seeds (Omega 3s!)


234 Cal. / 36g Carbs / 7g Fat / 12g Protein

To Juice or Not to Juice // Feat. Snap Kitchen


To Juice or not to Juice, that is the question...

Now let's be clear, I am not a nutritionist, and neither will I pretend to be, but I do value a healthy lifestyle and try to live accordingly.

A few weeks ago I convinced the hubs to do a juice cleanse with me, and let's just say this was a feat in itself. Neither of us had ever done a juice cleanse, we'd done smoothies at one time, but those are significantlly more substantial.

Going into it I knew two things, we'd likely get "Hangry", and we wouldn't have as much energy, so we made a pact to be nice and scheduled our workouts accordingly.

As for the juices, Snap Kitchen is a local favorite! Based in Austin, TX they are all about eating clean and eating local. While Snap offers a seasonal menu of pre-made meals, they have 3 Juice Cleanse systems from which we selected Snap Clean Start.

Each juicing kit consists of 6 freshly pressed juices, you can pick up the day before you start, and here's the truth, the whole experience is a love/hate relationship.

Whether you're savory or sweet each day is a 50/50 split. I'd been told that each bottle contained approximately 2lbs of veggies, but each of these little bottles packs a mean punch of flavor too! If you like Bloody Marys you'll love drink #3, and if you don't, well it tastes like a Bloody Mary minus the booze. Luckily, there's something for everyone, and the schedule alternates back and forth between savory and sweet (#6 is my personal fave!).

Did I mention that I'd never done a Juice Cleanse?... It wasn't easy, and honestly, due to the calorie count it's even harder on guys. Both the hubs and I felt our weakest on different days, he the first day, and I the second, on both occasions we felt very cold. Scary? Kind of. I was intimidated leading up to our start, and even after picking up our first day's kit, I wondered why we'd signed up for this.

However, when all was said and done, both of us agreed that our 2 day cleanse was 100% worthwhile, and it boils down to these three lessons...

1. Saturating our bodies with concentrated doses of nutrients cleaned out our systems, leaving us feeling ready to tackle our spring health goals!

2. A juice cleanse is an incredible mental exercise! More than anything, I learned that I'm a major snacker, and honestly, I should probably just drink more water. While sustaining ones body off liquids alone seems depriving, so much of what tells our minds that we're hungry is the habit of keeping our mouths busy. It sounds gross, but it's true.

3. Finally, you can do anything for 2 days. While I recommend a juice cleanse primarily to detox, and evaluate health priorities, this is not a sustainable diet, and you should plan accordingly. A juice cleanse is not the end of the world, but you likely won't be able to do an intense workout while juicing. That said after two days I definitely felt like I could have gone for a 3rd day, it's really an empowering experience!

The products listed in this post were provided by  Snap Kitchen, however, all opinions remain my own. The integrity of this site is far more important to me than any compensation or brand partnership. – S

Life of Adventure

Jacket - similar | Shirt - similar | Tee | Pants c/o | Boots | Hat | Necklace c/o | Watch | Aviators

January is a month for reassessment. Goals are important & January is full of jotting down both short and long term milestones to work towards; as the saying goes, "goals are dreams with deadlines".

I'm a planner by nature, however, over the years I've learned to pull back in certain manners that I might better appreciate the present. Yes, there is a 6 month plan, and then an 18 month plan, but in certain areas of life there are open spaces for the unexpected.

That's why in 2015 I have not one, but two New Year's Resolutions Lists, one specific to achieving long term goals, and the other a fresh list of principles to live by...

First on the list of principles is the commitment to Lead a Life of Adventure. If you follow on Instagram or Pinterest, you know I suffer from chronic wanderlust, and will hop on a plane headed just about anywhere. Being from Alaska, I have an intense desire to explore and be oudoors, so spending the holidays at home has been a treat and the perfect way to kick off the new year. Also, on this list is the commitment to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle. I'm a very active person, but I really crave health & fitness to be such a natural part of my life that it's second nature! This year I want to be intentional about prioritizing physical, mental, and spiritual health. Over the last year I've made an effort to be more intentional about the things I buy and keep in my home, but this next principle will apply to all aspects of life, as I seek to Lead a Life of Simplicity. Don't get me wrong there will still be plenty of frivilous fun, but this is an effort to rid myself of the stuff that gets stored in a closet or cluttered in the corner of a room. I simply don't have the time or space for that kind of stuff anymore. Creatively, a major goal this year is to Lead with Originality. Trust me, I know that sounds cliche, but both in blogging and in my area of work it can be easy to fall back to the work of others for inspiration rather than stretching one's own creativity, so in 2015 we're going to try and seek inspiration in fresh sources. This goal was inspire by my friend Kathryn, an incredible woman and the design genius behind Creme Brands, which you should definitely follow! Finally, in the top five principles to live by in 2015, I commit to Leading a Life of Hard Work. I'm a firm believer that anything worth having takes hard work, so I don't want to complain when in the midst of getting there. I'm not a complainer by nature, but I can get anxious about things, so I suppose this is an effort to constantly remind myself that hard work is a good thing, so my attitude should reflect that positivity. Does that make sense?...

Anyways, there was a glimpse into these principles in last week's post, but I've decided to turn it into a desktop for daily inspiration. Interpret the list as you will, but I do hope you'll find inspiration for the new year in the words below. Would love to hear your some of your resolutions...

Happy New Year!

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Gift Wrap Inspo

Gift Wrap Inspo
Gift Wrap Inspo

I'll be honest, I have yet to wrap any gifts this holiday season, but the inspo below is stirring some serious excitement...

- Remember, there's still time to check off that list with the help of our Holiday Gift Guides! -

For more Holiday inspo, including recipes, gift wrap, & more follow on Pinterest.

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
Friday Favorites

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Pinterest is the death of me, in fact, I don't venture there often, purely because I know know myself & know it'll be a grueling binge sesh! Nevertheless, this only goes to show how much I love the art of "pin-ing". Current interests include some serious wanderlust, along with neutral fall palettes, and a new board full of dreamy tree houses– why not, right?...

Happy pinning!