6 Apps to Get You Through The Work Day

Google Drive 

To be frank, I use all of the Google software apps almost exclusively. This is a guaranteed way to keep me organized while on the go. 



This is my one breakaway from the standard Google software package. I downloaded this a few years ago while still in beta and it's a game-changer! With a beautiful interface, you'll find automated organization for purchases, finance, social, and best of all trips. If you travel frequently, this will keep all of your confirmation details easily accessible.  



I'm a list maker by nature, and this app allows me to categorize and check things off be it work, home, travel, shopping, etc.– the list making options are limitless!



I hate to admit it, but these days I rarely watch the news. With Netflix, and Hulu, nothing is viewed in real time, therefore, theSkimm is my quick round-up at the start of each day. 



I don't do well with silence, in fact, when I was in college I was only found in the library while briefly scanning in documents to study elsewhere. Be it focus, coffee shop vibes, or meditation, there's a playlist for everything on Spotify.



More on this one later, but when focusing on my nutrition, this is my go-to app. With an endless database, MyFitnessPal makes it nearly effortless to maintain a food journal. Remember, it's not about becoming obsessive with the calorie count, rather focus on the nutrition tab at the bottom, and remember it's more about awareness than anything.