So here's the skinny, we've been stressing over what to post today... like a lot! So much so that we froze up and couldn't pick. The truth is we have so much great content this holiday season that we really want to make sure each get's the proper attention it's due. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't a bad problem to have, so we've come up with a solution: Holiday Week Round Two! I know, kind of cheesy, and trust us, very unexpected, but rather than picking amongst all of our good options and squeezing one more post into the end of this week, we've decided to extend our holiday fun and keep the celebration going.

Starting Monday you can expect more giveaway, style posts, and collaborations, but first we want to know what your favorite part of this week was. It's our first holiday week, and we'd like to think we've done well so far, but we also want to make sure next year is even better! So give us your feedback, we always love hearing from you!

Happy weekend!

xoxo, D+S