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Get Obsessed - ShoeDazzle

Get Obsessed - ShoeDazzle

While doing a little spring cleaning we took this Instagram photo that convinced us, we are shoe obsessed! We love them, we hate them, we can't live without them–yes, we're still talking about shoes. From time to time, we find ourselves scouring every store on the avenue for that perfect pair, and on the off chance that we go home empty handed, we take our search online.

We have to admit, some of our most unique and cherished pieces were discovered online. Perhaps it's because we know what we want, and shopping online allows us to more easily sort through product by filtering for desired styles.

Enter, ShoeDazzle...



1.Ronata // 2.Jacelyn // 3.Bobbi // 4.Gally // 5.Buzz // 6. Londyn

ShoeDazzle takes the online shopping experience one step further by customizing their entire site to your style liking. Log in, navigate through a quick free style quiz, and ShoeDazzle curates an online showroom specifically designed for you!

We're no Rachel Zoe (a girl can only dream!), but like her we have our own showroom, and you should too!

The six pairs pictured above are just some of our favorites form our personal showroom, and as you can see these gorgeous styles have us asking, can we really pick just one? Which style would you choose?

Clickhere to get started, once you've set up your showroom, comment below with a link and we'll be sure to check it out!

As a special Glitterary offer, set up your showroom through the pink link above before July 1st and get 25% OFF your first pair, PLUS FREE SHIPPING!*

You officially have no excuses. Go ahead, get obsessed! :)


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This post is sponsored by ShoeDazzle, all opinions are our own. *Discount applies to full priced items only. Purchase must be made within 2 days of completing style quiz. Free shipping on first order only.