Rum & Rose // Feat. Brugal Rum

In another life I would have been a bartender... Or a backup dancer, but that's a story for another day.

Like sommeliers, I have a huge respect for craft cocktail makers. While, I'm perfectly content enjoying a cold beer while sitting in the back of a pickup truck, my favorite bars in the city showcase some of America's finest cocktails. I guess that's where I'm a snob (#sorrynotsorry).

Truth is, I was the girl who waited until she was 21 to have her first drink. I don't know why that was such a big deal to me, but I also didn't really understand why everyone made such a fuss about wanting to drink before then. I promise you I had just as much fun before I was 21 as I did after. And come to find out, when I turned 21, I hated the taste of alcohol. I was the lamest 21 year old!

Fast forward 4 years, and I'll be very specific in my order at a speakeasy. Egg white, light bitters, rose water, ginger and sparkle. Yes, this snobbery is where you can begin to either shun or appreciate me. You decide...

All that being said, I'm no expert behind the bar, so when Brugal Rum reached out to see how we could team up for a summer feature, I knew I had to include a couple friends. Meet Rosie & James Clayton, a Chicago power couple taking the hospitality industry by storm!

You probably remember Rosie from her Bucktown boutique, Roslyn. Her husband, James, is one of Chicago's leading bartenders, with over 12 years of experience in the BOKA Restaurant Group, Hogsalt Hospitality, and Gibsons Restaurant Group.

Ready for this?... Together they are fusing their passions to bring you Chicago's newest craft cocktail bar, with a unique and cultured spin!

With their shared expertise, it makes sense that this power duo would blend their knowledge, passion, and talents to open what's sure to be one of Chicago's best craft cocktail bars!

Prior to opening Roslyn, Rosie grew up in the restaurant industry, with her parents owning five Thai restaurants in Chicago. If you were lucky enough to shop at Roslyn, you know Rosie's aesthetic is top notch, so you can bet on that bar being an Instagram fave!

Curious for more? The couple is currently developing their menu and experimenting with cocktails around the clock! The one here is a Glitterary exclusive, but if you follow @rclayton & @jimie1 on Instagram, I know they're eager to show you some more "sneak peeks" of what to expect until the official business Instagram goes live.

Details on this new venture are still full of secrets, but keep an ear out for more this Fall!

Until then, I give you Rum & Rose, a refreshing summer cocktail perfect for your next summer soirée.

Special thanks to Room & Board for letting us shoot in their amazing patio! Browse their outdoor collection here.

This post has been brought to you by Brugal Rum, however, all opinions remain my own. The integrity of this site is far more important to me than any compensation or brand partnership. – S