Minimalist Nursery

If you follow on Instagram, you already know our goal is a simple yet chic nursery. For starters we live in a downtown high-rise, which we love, but often this means shopping not according to what we want, but what we have space for. 

Today, I'm opening up a bit of our registry and sharing how we're creating a minimalist nursery/home for Baby H.

To my surprise, nesting for us has meant more organization than anything else, and it's made for some creative space solutions I think you'll appreciate. 

As much as I love baby, I knew long ago that I didn't want our home cluttered with baby gear, and frankly I'm not so sure babies require as much as we accumulate– less is more...




No crib for now, we've opted for a sleek and compact bassinet, that comes with raving reviews! Not gonna lie, we're banking on SNOO's technology– customers boast similarities to a night nurse! It's not cheap, but if the videos are real, it's worth every penny in my book!

2. Table-top Changing Station:

No changing table either. As much as possible, I wanted to avoid adding any more furniture to our space, so we decided to go with a topper on an already existing dresser. We opted for Restoration Hardware's Layne Wide Dresser Topper, which will serve as the main storage station for all things baby related. 

3. Hatch Baby Grow:

For those who don't know, I'm kind of a clean freak, so a wipeable easy clean changing pad was a must. This one is slightly more luxurious as it comes with a built in scale to track baby's growth, but frankly it's the same price as it's non-tech alternative, so why not?

4. Wipe Warmer:

I hate being cold, so I can't imagine baby waking up to a cold diaper only to be followed by cold wet wipes. A wipe warmer seems like an easy way to keep baby comfortable, and after much research, Prince Lionheart's Evo warmer comes with the best reviews.

5. Dyson Humidifier:

This is where the clean freak in me geeks out. I know it's a splurge, but I'm a big fan of Dyson's technology & design, so I'm really hoping to get my hands on this one. With two dogs in the mix, we want to make sure we keep baby's environment both clean and safe. 

6. Dock-a-Tot:

I'm sure you've already seen this on every baby registry, and I asked around a lot before committing, but friends swear by Dock-a-Tot, and I love the idea of using it for multiple purposes including a portable play mat/sleeper.

7. Diaper Storage:

A few of you recommended a portable caddy– hence the handle storage basket. Both this and the additional wicker bin will make their home on baby's changing table for easy access during those late night diaper changes.  

8. Modern Baby Monitor:

We're foregoing the traditional baby monitor and opting for the Nest IQ which easily pairs with your smart phone. We've loved Nest products in the past, and are keen on the sleek design of this camera for baby's nursery. 

9. Storage, Storage, Storage:

Like I said, we've been hard at work creating more storage space. We have a walk-in closet, but it's already full without adding any baby gear, so we've added a stock-full of these lidded bins to keep things tidy on shelving. 

10. Unofficial Diaper Pail:

While we originally registered for the Ubbi diaper pail, we recently swapped that idea for a small Simplehuman step can. This decision surprised me too, but after chatting with a friend who's currently on her 4th baby, it's a trusted and far more budget friendly alternative. Well, that and odor fighting disposable diaper bags which I plan to order in bulk.

11. Aromatherapy:

I love filling our home with scents of vanilla, lavender, or sandlewood. Additionally, I hope these scents will help soothe baby, so I'm excited to add this diffuser to baby's nursery, though I still haven't decided on black or white. 

12. Snuggled Up:

Baby's enjoyed being tucked away most of this pregnancy, so I'm assuming a snug swaddle will be extremely handy. Also, if you couldn't already tell, we're keeping our color pallet super simple.

13. Minimal Shelving:

I found these stainless steel shelves for a steal, and we've recently added them above our coffee machine to make room for baby's feeding gear. Whether you're expecting or not, I highly recommend these for any modern kitchen. 

14. Baby Blankets:

I'll admit, this is when my minimalism fails me, and it's taking everything in me to avoid buying more baby blankets. There are so many cozy options out there, but again, those that fold down easily and pack well for travel win the race.

15. Pack & Go Bouncer

Still deciding on a bouncer, but the Bloom Coco Go is so simple and packable that it's quickly taking the lead. I love the idea of folding this down & tucking it away when not in use. 


Just because you're opting for minimalism, doesn't mean you have to skimp on the cute stuff! We're stocked on baby clothes, but this is of my favorites!

17. Trial & Error:

From what I've heard, bottles, like pacifiers will take time to narrow in on. Regardless, I only plan on keeping a few of these on hand. My favorites are the Breeza Glass bottles, and ComoTomo Natural Feel bottles. I have one kitchen rule: if it's not dishwasher safe, it's not necessary, and the same applies for baby gear. These bottles are both dishwasher safe and designed with a wider rim for easy cleaning. 

18. Easy Night Shifts:

While I've primarily opted for footed onsies (trying to avoid lost baby socks), many of you recommended sleeping gowns for easy nighttime diaper changes, and Nordstrom makes the softest ones I've found!

19 &20. Quick Cleaning:

While I've made sure all feeding gear is dishwasher safe, I realize that there will be times in which it's quicker to hand-wash bottles. Like I said, I don't want our home covered in baby gear, so these neutral white and grey drying accessories will blend well into our overall aesthetic.

21. Decorative Hamper:

I'll likely wash baby's clothes separately using Puretergent's X-tra Sensitive Formula, so I wanted a decorative hamper to enhance & not take away from our shared spaces. 



I'll be honest, maintaining to a minimalist aesthetic requires some work & a lot of research. Versatility is key, as is a neutral color scheme. I never wanted a big registry, and have worked tirelessly at making it as simple as possible.

What have been some of your nursery and space saving hacks?...




Work It // Home Office + Download

Exclamation Print | Imagination Journal | Dotted Journal | Black Pencils | Decor Box | Thank You Cards | Stripes Journal | BKR Water Bottle | Odds and Ends Tray | Crisp Champagne Candle | Gold Stapler

I'll be honest, I'm not one to own all of those little trinkets you see in home tours. Simply put, they're not entirely practical & I'd rather buy clothes.

That said, I've recently decided to invest in my office space. It started with the desire to create a gallery wall of my favorite quotes/inspirations, and it's been a slow process of collecting prints & nailing down a theme. This is one of the few places in our home where I have been given the hubby aproved liberty to be openly girly, but as much as I like that idea, I need to make sure that the style I pick is one that is fun but also timeless.

I'm excited to say, it's finally coming together! The items above are those I have sitting at home or in my shopping cart waiting to be "styled" with some Glitterary flare! Note to self: check out Nate Burkus' Target Collection. While I wasn't able to find his office designs online, I recently purchased some gold paper clips & a gold stapler at a steal! The biggest struggle right now is trying to pick frames for the gallery wall. So far, I'm thinking plain black trim, but can't decide whether or not to go with some matting - any suggestions?

Also, remember our Glitterary Holiday Print? In the spirit of office decor, we've transformed that limited edition design into a desktop download! To dress up your tech with a little gold inspo, right click on the image above and download linked file.

Don't forget to send MonVoir some love! Jenna is the uber talented artist behind this design & a killer Instagram-er ;)