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I'll be honest, I'm not one to own all of those little trinkets you see in home tours. Simply put, they're not entirely practical & I'd rather buy clothes.

That said, I've recently decided to invest in my office space. It started with the desire to create a gallery wall of my favorite quotes/inspirations, and it's been a slow process of collecting prints & nailing down a theme. This is one of the few places in our home where I have been given the hubby aproved liberty to be openly girly, but as much as I like that idea, I need to make sure that the style I pick is one that is fun but also timeless.

I'm excited to say, it's finally coming together! The items above are those I have sitting at home or in my shopping cart waiting to be "styled" with some Glitterary flare! Note to self: check out Nate Burkus' Target Collection. While I wasn't able to find his office designs online, I recently purchased some gold paper clips & a gold stapler at a steal! The biggest struggle right now is trying to pick frames for the gallery wall. So far, I'm thinking plain black trim, but can't decide whether or not to go with some matting - any suggestions?

Also, remember our Glitterary Holiday Print? In the spirit of office decor, we've transformed that limited edition design into a desktop download! To dress up your tech with a little gold inspo, right click on the image above and download linked file.

Don't forget to send MonVoir some love! Jenna is the uber talented artist behind this design & a killer Instagram-er ;)