Recently we talked about discerning when to splurge & when to save– less is more. In this same mind-set over the last couple years, I've come to cherish a high quality tee. Ask me in college, and I would have never understood spending $50+ on a t-shirt, but years down the road, older and a little bit wiser, I can no longer justify purchasing anything anything less than a luxury tee. Why? With noticeably higher quality materials, these tees will wear well over time, they feel amazing, and they simultaneously hold they're form, while draping seamlessly over the body. Typically, this comes at a cost, but the difference is evident. Whereas I used to have piles of cheap tees, I now only have a few, but really that's all I need, and frankly, it makes throwing on a quick look such as this, that much simpler. I've linked to some of my favorites below, and a couple are even on sale, but trust me, once you make the leap, there's no turning back ;)