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Happy early weekend-ing! If you follow on Instagram, you know that last week I chatted products made in America on WGN-TV (you can check out the segment here). For this particular conversation we kept it to beauty and entertaining essentials to enhance your 4th of July celebrations. However, in researching brands made here at home, I couldn't help but wander over to the fashion aisle...

I'll be honest, my research wasn't easy, in fact little to no surprise, much of the product in my closet is made abroad. However, my denim has some proud american roots!

As to be expected, this premium denim comes at a cost, but after reading up on the maufacturing process, I'm much more apt to make the plunge.

Jerome Dahan is the founder and chief exec. at Citizens of Humanity, and the first to bring the concept of "luxury designer denim" to the marketplace. Dahan is also the original founder of  7 for all Mankind. Dahan believes that it is impossible to manufacture to his specifications anywhere other then right here at home, and it's precicely this dedication that makes his denim the best in the market.

Michael Geller, CEO of Paige Denim agrees, stating "There will be a day in any given week when something [in the production process] doesn't connect just right, and that's when you can get in your car and drive over to the wash house or wherever and make it right. You can't do that if you're making them anywhere else."

Were Dahan or Geller to produce their designs else where they could save 30% to 40% on productin, but trust me, their dedication makes a difference, because Citizens and 7s are undoubtably some of the most comfortable & best fit denim in my closet. If you own any yourself, you know what I mean...

But that's not all, LA. is America's denim hub producing around 80% of America's premium denim. Citizens of Humanity alone, produces over a million pairs of denim a year, "directly employing 375 people and working with an additional 400 to 500 people employed by contractors who do things like add waistband embroidery and belt loops".

Doesn't get better than that, am I right?!...

Shop some of my favorite American made denim below!


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