Matchy Matchy

Typically we wouldn't recommend the "matchy matchy" look. Such looks are typically prefaced by the words "it's too", and a dash of uncertainty. Truth is, matching everything to a T, typically comes across as one of three things: boring, uptight, or annoying. Fashion should be none of these things! In fact, fashion's only rules are to be purposeful & be creative!...

I know, you're begging for my point. My point is this: Today's look is matchy and that's ok. When you're matching to make a fashion statement, by all means, match on & do so with gusto!

A few tips for the match-making game: play with pattern and texture. If you're playing with more than one color, be an extremist and either be bold in your contrast or subtle in your shades.

Today's look was inspired by Steph's new heels & the bold contrast of their navy and yellow hues. To style these new lovelies, Steph chose a navy back-splash enhanced by polka-dots and pops of gold for a simple, bold, and sweet ensemble.

Shirt: J.Crew Factory | Skirt: (ONLY $39 on SALE)J.Crew  | Shoes: SoleSociety - the "Cleo"  | Clutch: J.Crew | Necklace: Nordstrom - similar | Bracelets: J.Crew - similar, Aqua by Bloomingdales, Kate Spade | Sunglassess: Ray-Ban | Lipstick: NARS - Heat Wave