Jacket - (old) similar | Shirt | Jeans (old) - similar | Heels | Necklace (old) - similar | Bracelets - similar | Sunglasses | Belt

Could it finally be Spring outside?! A little part of me fears rejection, so let's "knock on wood" just to be safe...

If you have a job that allows you to wear jeans beyond the casual Friday, consider yourself lucky, and take advantage of it. This look is one with many purposes, great for brunch, easy for work, & fun for a casual date night.

I've personally probably worn it for all three of those ocassions. What can I say? When you find something that works, you keep doing it.

An easy go-to shop for work to evening pieces (and let's be honest, day sequins!!) is J.Crew. Somehow, I know that if I'm ever on the hunt for something I can dress up or down quickly, I know I'll be safe at J.Crew.

Think about it- pair one of their signature pencil skirts with a silk top and blazer and your ready for work. Ditch the blazer and you're ready for happy hour. Swap it for a graphic tee and your ready for Sunday brunch with the girls.

Fashion you can mix around like this is always prefered in my closet.

Happy Tuesday!