Less is more. Over the past few years my closet has slimmed - quality over quantity & classics over trends. I still enjoy select trends here and there, but typically won't spend as much as I might on more timeless pieces I can easily mix and match. More on how this change came about later, but for now, this little black dress was worth the investment.

I don't get to shop at All Saints too often, but if it were up to my my entire closet would look like their store! Unfortunately the only link I could find for this dress is a size 6 sold here. I'm so sad it's sold out, but I've gathered some of my favorite similar pieces for you above. 

What are some of your favorite investment pieces? The classics you'll keep forever? Would love to hear your thoughts on where to invest & hold back. 

Blurred Lines

Shirt | Jeans (old) - also own these similar | Booties | Bag (men's old) - similar | Belt | Necklace (old) - similar | Aviators | Watch | Bracelets

I'm not one to borrow the husband's side of the closet- no, I do my own shopping in the men's department.

Today's look is a combination of chic feminine basics paired with some casual men's accessories you'd never guess were made for the boys. This look is a go-to ensemble and the perfect transitional uniform for spring!

While only the accessories from this look were found in men's departments, when shopping in said areas here are the items I look for:

  • cassual button up shirts (they're designed to be longer and less fitted, but definitely go down a few sizes)
  • sweaters (hoodies especially)
  • bags (usually canvas/leather)
  • hats (any kind)
  • belts / other leather accessories

Happy shopping!

Winter Prepster

Coat: Barbour via. Isle of man | Top | Skirt (old) - Similar | Boots | Bag | Lip color

It's still winter, but unlike the last few months, it's feeling like a heatwave in Chicago right now. Granted, by heatwave I'm refering to the mere 32 degrees above zero, but I'll take what I can get.

Today's look is unusually preppy for my style, and yet quite fitting. You see, my favorite part of working in fashion is that I really do feel like I'm playing dress up each day. One day I can be a little more edgy and the next I can be a total prepster, and neither is wrong.

The funny thing is while you may think there is a lot of structure to my styling habbits, what I wear is primarily selected based on how I feel or want to feel each day. It's always a mystery and always a slight costume change, but most importanty it's always a lot of fun!

So there's my challenge for you– be intentional about having fun with your wardrobe and don't limit yourself. Fit & structure are key, but those translate across all styles, so don't be afraid to branch out of your ordinary and see if you fins a new look that gives you a new boost of confidence for the day ;)