Clouded Judgement

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This time of year I tend to get all sorts of flustered. Chicago weather is tempermental, and it's no surprise I'm craving Spring. Within the last 48 hours we have seen snow falling at a rate of 2 inches per hour, followed by toasty 44 degree temperatures. Frankly, I'm not sure how to dress in this climate.

Perhaps it's because I grew up in Alaska, but functional fashion is critical to my wardrobe; let's just say my better half knows when I'm being follish for wearing strappy heels in winter.

Despite our recent frigid spells, my judgement is clouded by hopes of spring. While my better half is inclined to cling to some fur, I'm also inspired to sport my lighter layers.

The result? This black and white composition that I don't even know how to describe, but I think I love. What do you think?...

Wednesday Wants

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J.Crew Fall Lookbook

While we're loving our weekends of beach trips and cut-off shorts, Fall fashions are upon us, and the truth is we couldn't be happier! Fall is our favorite fashion season. After all, in those hot summer temps we want to be in as little and breathable attire as possible– it's Fall that lets us layer up and style away. And, that's why we're gushing today, gushing like jr. high girls infatuated at first sight, crushing like crazy over J.Crew's Fall/Holiday Collection!

That's right, the long anticipated Lookbook is here, and not only are this season's looks chic and professional as ever, but the colors and textures are the perfect blend of modern and classic.

Summer is fun, Spring is exciting, but Fall... Fall is elegant, and J.Crew's nailed that effortless glam we all dream of mastering.

Our favorite? The combination of glamorous jacquard with modern metallics (those SHOES!)– oh and that dressed-up baseball cap, you can bet we'll be wearing that one all season!... We could go on, but we won't hog the mic, what's your favorite?...

Cozy Neutrals

Yes, it's a rare occasion to spot D without her usual bright hues. But who can resist a cozy, wool, cable knit sweater? It reminded us of one our all time favorite movies The Holiday–as if it wasn't alluring enough on its own. While there's no denying we're more than a little excited for spring, we're firm believers in enjoying where you are in life during all seasons. So bundle up, get outside, and enjoy that crisp winter chill!

Sweater: Anthropologie (recent) | Pants: J. Brand | Hat: Genie via Anthropologie, on sale here!| Shirt: Nordstrom | Boots: Frye | Necklaces: Nadri- Arrow, Cross, | Earrings: J.Crew |