Beauty Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Today I'm excited to team up with Pretty Quick to share one of their newest salons with a service you have to try!

Last week I visited Cici Nails, the shot above is what my nails look like today– exactly one week later...

If you haven't heard of VinyLux, you're not alone, I only recently discovered it when L.A. beauty expert Jodi Shays (post here) visited Chicago & insisted I try it. Unfortunately, because this particular polish formula is new to the beauty industry, finding a salon that offers it can be difficult.

Enter, Cici Nails...

While Cici Nails is known for their two types of no-chip services specific to client needs/lifestyle, they are also one of the few salons to offer VinyLux!

VinyLux is a polish formula reinvented to provide similar results to no-chip without the added UV exposure and harsh removal process. Don't get me wrong, I am no enemy to no-chip services, in fact, I depend on a durable mani, but if I can get similar results in a slightly healthier manner, why not?!

Activated by natural light, VinyLux actually strengthens with wear, while other polished breakdown. Shockingly, VinyLux is applied with no base coat, but the top coat is key, promising a week's worth of no-chip wear and only a regular polish remover when ready for a change!

While chatting with Cici Nails owner, Michael, I learned that up until VinylLux, the nail polish formula has never been been changed! While VinyLux looks like a regular polish, it's actually a liquid vinyl-like formula that adheres directly to the nail surface, sealed with it's breakthrough pro-light top coat.

Created by Creative nail Design (CND) and responsible for many of Fashion Week's top designers' shows, VinyLux offers a varity of colors that are right on trend for the season, I just happen to be borring and always opt for black (#predictable).

VinyLux is created by the inventors of Shellac nails, so again, this is not an anti shellac post, simply an alternative formula for those looking for week-long wear versus the 2-3 week commitment of gel formulas.

Now, what's in it for you?...

Thanks to Pretty Quick, Glitterary readers get a free regular mani (or $15 credit) when you book your appointment via the Pretty Quick site/app– simply use code "glitterary" at check out!

If you're new to Pretty Quick, now's the time to try it! Due to it's unbeatable convenience, Pretty Quick is the only way I book my beauty appointments– think the cashless convenience of Uber, but for salons, it will change your life!

Click here to get started...

Happy spa time :)


This post has been brought to you by Pretty Quick, however, all opinions remain my own. The integrity of this site is far more important to me than any compensation or brand partnership. – S

Mermaid Beauty // With Jodi Shays

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Curious, carefree, and full of wanderlust, ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to be a mermaid!

Maybe it was Ariel's curiosity that first sparked my interest, and frankly the red hair may have had something to do with the uncanny bond I felt with this particular Disney princess. Regardless, there's something entirely captivating about the idea of these mythical sirens and my mind drifts into the sea!

It's undeniable, mermaids are synonymous with beauty, and for that I am forever jealous! Effortlessly put together, mermaids rule the summer scene, leaving us two-legged gals with mere hopes of matching their beach babe status.

Unfortunately for us, salt, sand, and the sea doesn't always result in that bronzed goddess glow. In fact, salt, sand, and the sea can leave our skin and hair feeling dry, stiff, and tangled.

A couple of months ago I got to meet L.A. beauty expert, and founder of Queen Bee Salon & Spa, Jodi Shay's. Jodi has over two decades of expertise in the fields of skincare and hair removal. Heavily sought after by Hollywood A-Listers and residents, she’s their go-to when it comes to grooming “south of the equator.” Eager for summer and the beach, I had to pick her brain on the season's best beauty tips (she even throws in a couple DIYs!)...

I'm a sucker for adopting a boho-beach summer style & have been known to douce my locks in a sea salt mist for extra texture. What is your secret ingredient to keeping those locks both beachy & moisturized? 

I agree with you!! I love a good spritz of sea salt mist and I have also been known to add some coarse sea salt granules to my shampoo. Here’s how you do it:  Shop for a small bottle of coarse sea salt, it’s not expensive.  Add half a teaspoon to your regular shampoo and happy exfoliating wash!  Salt helps clear away old product residue and your scalp as well as your hair will love it.  Don’t do this every day, keep it to once a month. I have another method too, which has worked for my crazy curly locks that get fine and frizzy in the warmer months.  Wash your hair with shampoo and then towel dry it using a microfiber towel.  Let it air dry and then shower your hair one more time with a cool water rinse but no shampoo or conditioner.  Once your hair feels damp, add a tiny little hair wax or anti-humectant into your hair and hopefully you’ll look and feel as though you’ve spent the day on Bondi Beach.

As we come out of hibernation, we Chicagoans are lusting after that summer glow, but our skin is in need of some tender love & care. How do you recommend prepping for showing a little extra skin in those shorts & bikinis?

Such a quick, cheap and easy way to do this.  Go out and get yourself a dry brush (or two if you want to double fist!).   Using your dry brush every day for 10 minutes will stimulate your skin, help enormously with lymphatic drainage and slough off dead skin cells that have been sitting on your skin all winter. Start at your bum (or your feet, if you want full body action) and brush briskly toward the heart. Results vary, but if you make this a part of your daily routine, I know you’ll see an improvement.  After dry brushing, feel free to massage your favorite oil into your skin such as jojoba oil or coconut oil (jojoba being the closest to our naturally occurring oil). We are big fans of rose oil for the face such as “The Local Rose” which is organically manufactured and gives you a lovely glow on your cheeks! Another great way to get some extra glow after the winter is to make your own body and facial scrub using brown sugar and honey.  In the past I have used brown sugar, coconut oil and rose oil for a gentle facial scrub.

Needless to say, the sunshine means more hours outside. As someone who enjoys running along the lake, are there any particular products you recommend for being active in the heat & humidity?

I would not recommend any heavy makeup during exercise.  Always use an SPF, tinted if you prefer of at least 35 SPF and go for a sunblock that has zinc oxide in it.  I find those to be less clogging and better for protection.  I always carry a handy pocket-sized pack of Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths with me because after a workout, I can wipe my other areas to feel clean and fresh.  Perfect for if you have to hit the office right after a walk or an appointment with your waxologist!

Thanks to Lily Collins, I'm craving some bolder brows, but getting there seems tricky! How can one work toward that aim while not looking unkept in the process?

Achieving thicker brows are one of my most favorite topics because I do believe it can be done (having survived the 80s and that thin-is-in look).  The first thing we look at at Queen Bee is tinting the area before we tweeze or wax.  Tinting helps pick up lighter colored hairs and any blondies that are living in the neighborhood.  Once we have done that we can see all of the hairs we are working with and start to give you a new and thicker shape. Some people swear by a lot of the brow strengtheners that are on the market.  We have seen them work, but you have to be diligent and use them every day. If none of the above works, your brow technician should be able to teach you how to “dress” your brows with a powder that matches the color of your hair, this is a very inexpensive way of achieving thicker brows.  Using an angle brush, you can play with different shapes and create an evening diva look or a less drama day time look.

Finally, what is one of the most common beauty mistakes you see?

The most common beauty mistake we see are related to nails.  When first timers come to see us for a manicure we notice that most of them have had their cuticles cut away.  All of us actually need our cuticles, they serve as protection to our nail beds.  But most cheapy “chop shops” take them off to make our nail beds appear more tidy.  What this cutting does it make our cuticles grow back thicker and look raggedy, so guess what, you have to return to your local chop shop every week -this is how they make their money.  In the hands of a real manicurist (Connie Flagg of Queen Bee is the most requested by our A-list celebs) they will lube your cuticles with oil and massage them gently with an orange stick.  We don’t cut skin, but we remove hangnails.  Manicures should not be painful, and they are not required every week.  

To learn more about Jodi  Shays or Queen Bee Salon & Spa, click here.
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