White Shirt

Blurred Lines

Shirt | Jeans (old) - also own these similar | Booties | Bag (men's old) - similar | Belt | Necklace (old) - similar | Aviators | Watch | Bracelets

I'm not one to borrow the husband's side of the closet- no, I do my own shopping in the men's department.

Today's look is a combination of chic feminine basics paired with some casual men's accessories you'd never guess were made for the boys. This look is a go-to ensemble and the perfect transitional uniform for spring!

While only the accessories from this look were found in men's departments, when shopping in said areas here are the items I look for:

  • cassual button up shirts (they're designed to be longer and less fitted, but definitely go down a few sizes)
  • sweaters (hoodies especially)
  • bags (usually canvas/leather)
  • hats (any kind)
  • belts / other leather accessories

Happy shopping!