Slay the Day : Mini-Band Travel Workout

Maintaining a training routine while traveling can be challenging. Throw in holiday parties, good food, and lack of gym equipment, and you can feel at a total loss. 

When training, I advise all clients to invest in two items... a foam roller & mini-band.

Whether you're traveling or find yourself with an extra 20 min at home, but not enough time to get to the gym, these two items will provide just enough of a challenge to garner a sense of accomplishment. Remember, something is always better than nothing, and no one ever regrets a workout...

While I'm big on training glutes & core (see workout here), in general, I like to target all major muscle groups within any one workout.

Below are some of my favorite mini-band exercises you can do anywhere (I actually keep a mini-band or two in my purse). It's quick, it's simple, but it gets the job done! 

Happy holidays!


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Step Outs

Loop band around both legs and bring it above the knees (no pressure on knee joint). Feet hip width apart, hinge from the hip, keeping weight in the heels. Take one step out to the side to widen stance while maintaining hinge. Return to neutral stance (hip width apart), and repeat. Practice 15-20 reps on each side, then return to center for 20 pull aparts. Your glutes should be on fire!



Begin in plank position, shoulders above the hands, and feet hip width apart– band around the ankles. Carefully lower to forearm plank, and return to full arm extension. ProTip: focus on maintaining stability in your hips. As arms lower hips should follow, but they should remain parallel to the ground at all times. Repeat for 10-20 reps. 


Plank Jacks

Begin in plank (full arm extension) with band around the ankles. Maintaining stability in your shoulders, core, and hips, simultaneously bring both feet into a wide stance position, then back together. Imagine jumping jacks, except your arms remain in place ;)

30-40 seconds


High Row

In a soft stance (knees slightly bent), grip band with both hands & raise arms to shoulder hight. Keeping arms parallel to the ground and shoulders down away from the ears, pull band apart and in towards chest. Extend to straight arms and repeat for 15 reps. If you're doing this right, you should feel it in your back with each pull.


Hip Thrusts

Begin by lying down, band above the knees, and knees bent at hip width apart. Pulling thighs apart, so as to break that band, press through the heels & squeeze glutes to raise and lower the hips. Repeat 15-20 times.