Champagne, Leather, Rock & Roll

Sweater | Faux Leather Pants | Tank | Bag | Shoes or These | Bracelet | Fuel Band c/o | Necklace | RayBans - waiting on These...

If your weekend is anything like mine, it's usually full of versatility, a fine combination of errands, relaxation, and friends. My attire is usually much the same, walkable shoes (craving these), comfy pants, and casual tops. We usually hit the gym at some point in the weekend, so fitness wear is typically interspersed throughout my weekend wardrobe. Pieces that can seemlessly trasition from one weekend activity to the next are always prefered!  This sweater is one of my favorites, and let's be honest, I'm a sucker for a cute graphic quote! Unfortunately, I realize now that these pics don't show you all of the character of this sweater. In addition to the rips along the colar there are a couple more along the waist band adding a little extra attitude to your look. I personally recommend an oversized fit on this one, paired with leather leggings, and a glass of bubbly ;)