A little Rock & Roll Stroll

Ah, it feels good to be back :) This weekend has been filled with strolls through our neighborhood and some lovely R&R with the fam. Featured today is a simple accessory, but one we're obsessed with. We first saw this all-american scarf worn by Eric Church during the CMAs. We were immediately searching the web for the purchase! Over the holidays Steph also ordered this menswear inspired downtown field jacket- an immediately gratifying purchase and we love how it pairs with Steph's scarf and aviators for a perfectly casual rocker-like feel. You know Mary and you also recently met Scout, now meet the dapper hubs- he's a keeper, it's been a happy weekend! :)


Jacket: J.Crew | Sweater: Eddie Bauer | Scarf: Nordstrom B.P. | Jeans: Banana Republic (sold out), similar | Boots: Arturo Chiang | Gloves: Michael Kors (sold out) - similar | Aviators: RayBan

On the Hubs- Vest: SuitSupply | Shirt: BananaRepublic | Jeans: Sevens | Shoes: Allen Edmonds