One thing was clear, we needed to breathe an added value, purpose, and life into Glitterary. A dress and heels is nice, but we needed to start engaging in real conversations, we needed to approach both the site & life on purpose...
— Letter from the Editor

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GLITTERARY (pronounced like “Literary” [lit-uh-rer-ee]), 
is a lifestyle destination inspiring women to LIVE,
DRESS, & GROW with intent. 

Glitterary  exists to inspire women to look & feel their best in every aspect of life. Through compelling imagery & personal anecdotes, founder & editor, Stephanie Horstkoetter, shares practical advice in all categories including fashion, fitness, travel, and home.

Stephanie launched Glitterary in 2012 over a weekend at home & a few sleepless night. Since then Glitterary has developed into a lifestyle brand documenting all things relevant to the modern woman. 

Stephanie is a personal trainer & digital marketing consultant, where she works closely with clients to develop their unique goals, needs, and game-plan for success.  Stephanie is passionate about empowering women to be their best selves, promoting wellness, entrepreneurship, and holistic living.