Everything about this look makes me think of a sleepover. From the piped pajama shirt down to the bow tied joggers, and quilted heels– there's something feminine, flirty, and cozy about the way this outfit comes together!

I've linked to the most similar items below, and have no fear, you can definitely rock the pajama blouse!


I've mentioned this before, but if I could shop from one store alone, I'm pretty positive I'd choose All Saints. This shirt-dress is extra fun, because worn simply, it's just an extra long silk button down, BUT there's a small hook along the seem, that allows you to create a whole new outfit with a more waist enhancing silhouette. Trust me, it took me forever to figure this out, but now it's the perfect light weight travel piece, easy to dress up or down and always comfortable. 

Happy Friday!


Just booked a weekend in California & I can't wait to get back! I think we always knew we'd end up back in Chicago, so our time in California was always viewed as time of adventure & we made the most of it (more on what this means this week).

While we were tied to work Monday to Friday, weekends were for exploring, & these beaches marked our favorite getaway! Just a couple hours from Silicon Valley, nestled along some of California's iconic coastlines, it was the perfect escape & the pups loved beach life. 

It was a somewhat wild time, we were care-free, our only goal was to see as much as we could in the the time that we had– always somewhere new to explore, hike, relax, or dine. 

We haven't decided exactly where we'll head once we land, but we have tickets, transportation, and Google Maps, the rest we'll figure out as we go ;)

Cardigan c/o Vineyard Vines


Recently we talked about discerning when to splurge & when to save– less is more. In this same mind-set over the last couple years, I've come to cherish a high quality tee. Ask me in college, and I would have never understood spending $50+ on a t-shirt, but years down the road, older and a little bit wiser, I can no longer justify purchasing anything anything less than a luxury tee. Why? With noticeably higher quality materials, these tees will wear well over time, they feel amazing, and they simultaneously hold they're form, while draping seamlessly over the body. Typically, this comes at a cost, but the difference is evident. Whereas I used to have piles of cheap tees, I now only have a few, but really that's all I need, and frankly, it makes throwing on a quick look such as this, that much simpler. I've linked to some of my favorites below, and a couple are even on sale, but trust me, once you make the leap, there's no turning back ;) 


Guys, the sleeves on this top are so fun! I came across this label about a year ago, and now always keep an eye out for what's new. Also, this denim skirt with a raw hem is a nice twist to the classic blue we've seen making it's comeback, and it comes in petite. 

In hindsight, I'm probably more likely to pair this top with some basic black skinnies, but this was a fun excuse to dress things up, so why not?

Have a great weekend, y'all!


Less is more. Over the past few years my closet has slimmed - quality over quantity & classics over trends. I still enjoy select trends here and there, but typically won't spend as much as I might on more timeless pieces I can easily mix and match. More on how this change came about later, but for now, this little black dress was worth the investment.

I don't get to shop at All Saints too often, but if it were up to my my entire closet would look like their store! Unfortunately the only link I could find for this dress is a size 6 sold here. I'm so sad it's sold out, but I've gathered some of my favorite similar pieces for you above. 

What are some of your favorite investment pieces? The classics you'll keep forever? Would love to hear your thoughts on where to invest & hold back.