Celebrating 100 Posts

We couldn't picture a better way to share our 100th post than with The Everygirl. Today we're truly honored to announce a very special project for  The Everygirl featuring the season's hottest trends in Glitterary fashion. TheEverygirl is the perfect online resource for 20-something women–just ask Forbes, who rated them as one of the top 10 sites for millennial women only months after launching. Needless to say, the site is both D & S' homepage, as we daily anticipate their career, entertaining, and fashion features.

If you haven't already, we strongly recommend you visit their site and send them some love–maybe even join us in making theEverygirl your own home page! While there, be sure to leave us a comment, we'd love to hear your thoughts on our favorite spring trends. As always, thanks a million for stopping by, your support means the world to us!!


D + S  ;)

For outfit details click HERE.