I last wore this graffiti maxi dress in Hawaii. Truth be told, I have problem with buying too many dresses, and sadly they never get enough wear. However, this has been one of my best impulse buys to date.

This weekend we’re heading out for a couple trips and while the destinations aren’t as tropical as this one, I’m reminded of the many reasons we love to travel, and most importantly the many friends we’ve been able to make long the way. As you know, we’ve moved around a lot, and we are so lucky to have friends all over the world. In fact, it seems that wherever we travel, there’s always the chance to reconnect, and we love this part of our trips!

I always say the best way to organize a trip is as follows…

  1. Explore, Get Messy, Adventure

  2. Visit Friends, Eat Well, Shop, Get Local

  3. Recover, Unwind, & Relax before heading back home

I’d say 90% of our trips follow this recipe whether we travel alone or with friends. So next you get away for a trip, try it out, and let me know what you think! As for this dress, unfortunately it’s old and no longer available, but I’ve linked my favorite similar styles below.

As always, be sure to follow in stories! These next two destinations will include lots of friends and lots of outdoors– turns out you can take a girl out of Alaska, but you can’t take Alaska out of the girl ;)

2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & How My Shopping Cart Looks Different This Year

Say hello to your no frills, zero bullshit, reasonably priced, and easy to wear smart guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Funny story, while visiting Alaska last week, I drove to Nordstrom, all the while thinking "Man, I could drive here in my sleep"– haha! Truth is I worked as a Stylist at Nordstrom all through high school and college, so I know the ins and outs of this sale like the back of my hand! Trust me, it's a good one, and this year the buyers knocked it out of the park with their selections!

In case you're new to the conversation, Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is their biggest sale of the year, and the threat is real– prices go up August 6th! The best part? You get to shop all of next season's collections in advance & at a discount (typically 30-40% off). If you're a Nordstrom card holder, you get to shop even earlier during pre-sale days. This year the dates are as follows:

  • July 12 - 19 Cardmember Early Access

  • July 20 - Aug 5 Open to the Public.

*Pro-tip: if you're shopping early, schedule one of your triple points days ahead in order to maximize your reward ;)  

Perfectly timed for late-July, it's the best opportunity to stock up on all your fall and winter favorites. Think boots, cozy sweaters, jackets/coats, and denim. These are your investment pieces for the months ahead– shop everything you know you'll need later, NOW! 

Unlike years past, this time I've pulled a couple "just for fun" pieces, but everything is much more strategic based on life with baby. Don't judge me yet, it's not all pajamas (I think I only, selected one), but it's not all sequins and stilettos either. Think wrap sweaters (nursing mamas, you're welcome!), low-heel weatherproof boots (winter is coming), no high price point dresses you'll only wear once, and finally, no "Dry clean only" instructions.

That being said, (nursing bras/tanks aside) since becoming a mom and throughout my pregnancy, I only ever purchased two maternity pieces, everything else I either already owned or simply ordered a size (or two) up. Therefore, if you're not a new mom or even remotely interested in the thought of babies, this guide is still just as much for you as it is me.... I'd like to think my style choices haven't suffered too much in this journey :)

Finally, remember you can now shop online and pick-up in store! If you're anything like me, this added convenience is perhaps the best feature of Nordstrom's online shopping experience!

I'll continue to update this list as the sale continues & eventually provide some product review on style, materials, and fit, so keep an eye out in Stories or head to my SHOP tab! 







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